PC preparing for a positive year

New leadership, training, and changes for PC


Peer Counseling (PC) held their annual retreat  on Jan. 18 to welcome new members and provide basic training, as well as to introduce the new, elected leadership team for the 2021 term. 

Junior Abby Gant was officially knighted into the position of the new president at the retreat and she is excited to to start working towards her goals. “I really want to expand our presence around campus and become easily accessible to everyone. I am aware of how difficult it is for people to reach out, so I want to improve the resources we have, and train more PC’s to be approachable peers everyday. I also want to improve our campus culture through increased involvement and motivation and hopefully respect and positive regard all around campus,” Gant said. 

Gant is already making great strides in accomplishing her goals. This year’s retreat which she helped plan alongside the PC advisors and leadership team focused on teaching communication skills and other ways to be more approachable.  

The retreat which is normally held on campus or at a camp was held through Zoom. Different activities allowed PC members to get to know each other, as well as learn and practice the skills that will be needed for their work on campus. 

“I was disappointed that we couldn’t have the retreat in person, but even with the circumstances, the advisors and leadership put together a really fun day for everyone.” returning peer counselor and junior Razanne Mihtar said. 

Applications and interviews were held in December in preparation for the 2021 PC term, and the club welcomed new members from all grades and groups on campus.  

“I am super excited to be a part of PC, and I am looking forward to getting to know everybody better and building connections with them. I love how accepting and open minded everyone is, it really creates a safe and comfortable space,” new member, sophomore Kaliyah Adei-manu said. 

Peer Counselors are excited for the 2021 term and are ready to create positive change on campus.