All My Life Has Dropped

Could you imagine meeting the love of your life and finally having someone to go on adventures with you? All of this love and time for them to be diagnosed with a deadly disease weeks before your wedding? Well, All My Life featuring Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe dropped in theaters Dec. 4. For only being out for a few days, this movie already has people talking and discussing it.

The movie follows main character Solomon Chau (actor) and Jennifer Carter (actor). The two meet at a sports bar and ultimately end upd ating and going on wild adventures together in hopes of getting to know each other better. Their adventures include a flashmob proposal that ends in the two getting engaged. Then a few weeks later Solomon becomes diagnosed with cancer.

Even though Solomon becomes sick and loses a significant amount of his happiness, Jessica continues to brighten his day and help him get through this stage. After a period of time it is evident that Solomon will not recover, but that would not stop the happy couple.

This movie was well executed and had great acting. The actors created a moving story and made it easy for the audience to feel their emotions as the storyline progressed. Compared to other similar movies that have come out recently, such as “Clouds” or “Love Story,” “All My Life” seemed to focus solely on the couple and their relationship and trying to adjust to changes, rather than showing the battle and the fight that was put up against challenges. Overall the quality of the movie and the actors were phenomenal and it is definitely a movie that all hopeless romantics should add to their list.