Marvel Movies Coming Out 2021


The Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has been on a hiatus since July 2, 2019, with the release of Spiderman Far From Home. This was the last movie in Marvel’s Phase 3 as it looks to move into a new phase of the cinematic universe. Tons of Marvel movies were scheduled for release this year. However, all of them have been pushed back into next year, meaning 2021 will be a big year for Marvel and its fans.

One of the main movies getting pushed back is Black Widow, a prequel telling the origin story of Scarlett Johansen’s character. Originally scheduled for Nov. 6, it has gotten pushed back to 2021 with no specific release date announced, but it should be a perfect way to start Marvel phase 4. This will be important because it gives Black Widow more character, also it introduces her 


     One new set of characters coming out in the MCU is The Eternals. As a star-studded cast, including big actors like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and  Kumail Nanjiani. This is the first audience have heard of the Eternals, so the movie will focus on introducing the new characters to the MCU.   What are you looking forward to in this one?

The character Shang Chi will be introduced into the MCU. His standalone movie will be Shang Chi and the legend of the 10 rings. This will introduce a completely new character in the MCU and will focus on telling Chis origin story. Many people are excited about this because it’s a smaller character getting his own individual movie. This is perfect as Marvel’s phase four will continue to introduce many more characters into the MCU.

` The last one, and my personal favorite coming out, is Spider-Man 3. As a kid I grew up watching Spider-Man movies so to see him continue into the MCU is amazing. The title of this movie has yet to be announced. This is the third entry to the Spider-Man trilogy. Not a lot of information has been released about this movie, however, we do know that Tom Holland is reprising his role as Spider-Man. Jamie Foxx also has announced he will be playing the main villain Electro. This is the first time we will see Electro in the MCU however, Jamie Foxx has already played Electro in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spiderman 2. It will be interesting to see how those characters differ.

Overall, 2021 will be a big year for Marvel and its new phase 4. There are sure to be many new characters and tons of new stories to tell. I’m most looking forward to this phase because of all the new marvel characters being introduced