Is School Killing Creativity?

Evolution of the education system

Is School Killing Creativity?

Ryan Williams, Staff Writer

When was the last time you used your imagination to come up with an interesting idea or a creative activity that made a true difference in your life? For me, those days died out in elementary school.

The standardized system of education today is putting creativity at risk. How are we supposed to have creative ideas when our success in school is test-based, and we are taught to believe that there is only one correct answer? Or when we are not rewarded for thinking outside the box because there should be only one method of thinking?  

At this point, I have accepted that our world will continue to change and evolve, while the educational system will remain relatively the same. That is why the way things are run have not changed in decades, and why schools are hypothetically still breeding employees and factory workers with no original ideas. People are just throwing their time away trying to be an employee for the government, while those who actually use their critical thinking and intuition to become employers and escape the trap. 

I’m not saying school is a terrible thing, because I have definitely learned a few things, however I want the flaws to be apparent. One such flaw being how all students are required to take boring classes that nobody likes, while all artistic classes are offered only as electives. These are the only classes that promote creativity, and it seems as if they are being tossed aside as something “less important” as only two trimesters of a fine art and elective are required. 

If students were encouraged to have their own ideologies, instead of following those they do not relate to, then there would be an opportunity for all students that will eventually inspire their passion.