Holiday Recipes

John Kersey, writer

Christmas is coming and so are hungry families and friends with those family and friends you may end up with a little extra free time on your hands. So here are some holiday recipes to help you out. All of these Recipes are from Hershey’s Kitchen and are very simple but fun to make.

This Chocolate Reindeer Tart is kind of like a Reese’s peanut butter cup just a lot bigger and some extra frosting, so if you like Reece’s, you will love this.  This is a medium recipe that doesn’t take too much time and is 100% worth the wait.

Or maybe let’s say you might not need a whole cake but you are having a small gathering and would like something else, well these “Mini Chocolate Mint Pies’’ could be perfect. Decorated with even more Reace’s? On a MINT pie? and maybe even some extra frosting. Although they may seem little, they are very easy to make and will fill you and all of your friends and family up quickly.

But just a little plate of the Mini Chocolate Mint Pies probably won’t be enough for the dinner table so why not add a little extra, and a little extra is where these S’more pops with Candy Canes comes in handy.