How Toxic Is TikTok?

Tik Tok Becomes A Place Of Positivity


The newest big social media site is a place full of hate and love.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps on the App Store today, and it is used by millions of people. Although it is entertaining, it can also be very degrading.

 Seeing thousands of people post about their “perfect” lives can be very harmful for teens’ mental health. Lots of influencers talk about how hard it is to receive hate comments on their posts. They usually say that they learn to ignore it and remember that those people do not define them. 

There are many famous TikTok stars that gained a large following on the platform. For example, 16 year old Charli D’Amelio has gained more than 100 million followers in less than a year. And with that many people watching her, she is bound to receive hate.

Despite this, TikTok is not completely toxic. Many people, like D’Amelio, have also benefited from the app. Small artists share their new songs on the platform to promote them. They get thousands of views and streams thanks to the TikTok video. I feel like this is a very beneficial way to gain a following and even make a career out of it.

Along with this, there are many influencers on the app that prompt self love. Sienna Gomez is one of the many influencers that promotes body positivity. Gomez shows her almost 14 million followers that everyone has their struggles and that the “perfect celebrities” everyone sees on instagram are simply normal people.                    

Rachel Stratton is one of my favorite TikTok influencers because she promotes positivity. She makes “day in my life” videos, workout routines, healthy recipes, motivational videos and more. Stratton is a smaller creator with around 263 thousand followers. My favorite thing is how she is constantly being a positive role model to her followers by reminding them to drink water and repeat positive affirmations. She is always making sure her followers know how much they are loved.

As long as you avoid the toxic haters TikTok is a very fun and useful platform that many people can come together and benefit from. It is a positive place for people to talk about their own struggles and experiences in life.