Luca Pumping Iron in the Pandemic

Senior Luca Capperucci Pursues his Passion Despite the struggle

Senior Luca Capperucci’s eyes lowered when inquired about the setbacks he faced due to the Pandemic. Luca explained that he lost over ten pounds in muscle.

“That was a hard time, the gym closed, I didn’t have a backup plan, and I didn’t know what to do,” he said. 

The setback that Capperucci faced was very hard for him, especially since he had come so far. He saw something about himself that he wanted to change. 

It started after his sister introduced him to the gym and he decided to give it a try. Within a short period of time, he fell in love with the results.

“Two years ago I was skinny, and I was not comfortable in my own skin,” Capperucci said. Luca has gained a lot of respect from his lifting partners, “Luca is always at the gym way longer than anyone else.” His lifting partner, senior Nir Edelstein said. Now most days you see Luca at the gym. He’s doing one of three workout routines; legs, push (chest, shoulders, and triceps), pull (Back and Biceps). 

The Routine he has developed for lifting shows his dedication to the sport. Not only that, but it follows him home as well, Luca follows a diet that helps him to build muscle he eats more calories than he burns and drinks numerous protein shakes throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 still exists even when gyms are open, making it harder for Luca to workout. He says the biggest challenge now is the masks and having to wait in line outside of the gym.

A core part of lifting is taking good deep breaths while you workout and the masks just make that a little more challenging. 

Despite this, he has continued to improve boasting an impressive bench of 225lbs and squatting 315lbs.