New Song Rising On The Charts

SZA goes up in streams with popular song


Tara Baradaran, Writer

Music is an exquisite thing that many people find comfort in, one being SZA. There are so many genres and types of songs, and there is something for everyone. SZA, a well-respected artist recently released the song “Good Days”, which I also love and listen to on repeat all day. 

SZA released a short part of the song last year that got popular on the social media app TikTok. Since then, people had been begging SZA to release the full song. On Christmas day, she released the song as a surprise. 

It has had a lot of popularity on the app of TikTok, where many people have been talking about the angelic vibes from the song, and how amazing it is. On Jan. 1, it was at 8 million streams, and one week later it had over 21 million streams and growing.

Personally, I enjoy the mesmerizing tune and the soft voice SZA has. There are bird sounds that are lightly playing, and I love how calm it is. 

Many Titans are overjoyed with the release. “I am obsessed with this song, because it has such a good vibe, and her lyrics can even be used for positive affirmations. I listen to Good Days on repeat all day!” Junior Isabelle Vejar said.

However, there are people who are not fans because it falls under the R&B genre, meaning it’s not everyone’s type. 

“I like rock/indie a lot, so this song doesn’t really fit in my preferences of music,” Junior Gabe Lawrence said. 

A Titan goes on about “I feel like I will never get tired of the music SZA creates, and ‘Good Days’ has been one of her best ever,” junior Sophia Ching said. I have to agree.

Overall, “Good Days” by SZA is rising up on charts and streams, and the popularity it has gained has been exceptional.