Man Tries To Return To His Body After Death In New Movie ‘Soul’


Ella Goldman, Writer

What happens after we die? Where do our souls go? Disney Pixar’s Soul, released on Dec. 25, follows the journey of Joe Garner (Jamie Foxx), a jazz teacher, and pianist, trying to get back into his body after he dies. This amazing movie is a must-watch that includes impeccable creativity and a heartfelt plot.

After being a middle school jazz teacher for most of his career, Joe Garnder finally gets his big break in the music industry. But on his way home, he falls into a manhole and dies. When he realizes he is dead, he refuses to go to the “Great Beyond” and instead finds himself being a “soul guide” for a soul known as 22. 

When Joe is trying to help 22 (Tina Fey), the most stubborn soul of all,  find her spark, he makes it back on Earth, but in a cat’s body while 22 ends up in his body. The rest of the movie is all aimed at trying to get Joe back into his body before his big night. 

In this amazing movie, director Pete Docter’s, interpretation of the afterlife is extremely intriguing. The perception of our souls before and after life, as well as the graphics that went along with it, brought the movie to life. The idea of what happens before and after we die is very clear and creative in this movie and a large contribution to the reason that I enjoyed it so much.

Another great factor in the movie is the resolution. While Joe wants to take 22’s pass to go to Earth, in the end, he must decide whether or not he will take her chance at life away. It is a conflict within the main character that adds a great impact to the overall plot.

The heartfelt plot of this movie brings it full circle. The entire movie start to finish has many aspects that make it enjoyable. There was really no part in the movie that I didn’t enjoy. The overall message is extremely powerful. It forces the audience to realize that they can’t take life for granted and don’t get a second chance. Soul is an amazing way to tell people to live life to the fullest through an extremely adorable animated movie.