New Season of Attack on Titan has Dropped

The main poster for Attack on Titans final season. Eren, who is in titan form, is attacking Marley.

The main poster for Attack on Titan’s final season. Eren, who is in titan form, is attacking Marley.

One of the most popular anime to date is Attack on Titan. This show is a top rated action based series that follows Eren Jaeger and his struggles against titans and other world problems. On December 6, 2020, Attack on Titan started its fourth and final season.

After three full seasons and a long wait time, Attack on Titan’s story is finally wrapping up as the final arc begins in this action-adventure series. If you are not caught up with this amazing show, I would recommend watching it before continuing with this article, as I will be sharing spoilers.

This show has one of the most addicting and intriguing storylines I have ever seen. You never know what turn of events the plot will take, as seen when viewers find out that titans are not the true enemies. In reality, the real antagonist of this story is unclear, and some even consider Eren to be the villain.

This final season does not even reveal where Eren is until the fifth episode. Instead we learn about Marley and why they view the Eldians as devils and hate Paradis Island. They see Eren as the biggest threat to the world, making him appear as both the antagonist and the protagonist

The action scenes throughout the entire series have never disappointed, and this final season is no different. The opening episode gives us a glimpse of what war is like with titans. Although we are only five episodes into this season, there are many more bangin’ episodes waiting for us. My best guess would be that this final season will have 24 episodes.

Each Sunday a new episode is released. The best places to view these episodes are Crunchyroll and Hulu, however there are countless other websites to watch them as well.