Wonder Women 1984 Takes In Home Streaming To The Max!

A new addition to the big screen


Lindsey Brintwood, Writer

   For those who wish to see hit blockbusters in the comfort of their own home, your wish is granted! The newest superhero movie titled Wonder Women 1984 was released to the big screens and HBO Max streaming service on Dec. 25. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is an excellent movie because it demonstrates the importance of appreciating all that you have. For that reason, I highly recommend this movie to anyone!

Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to the highly successful 2017 film, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot returns as the title character, with Chris Pine returning as her love interest, Steve Trevor. Patty Jenkins recurs as the director.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set 65 years after Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is now working at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

 The plot develops around a mystical stone that can grant wishes to all who ask.  This includes two of the other main characters, Barbara (actor), a co-worker, and Max Lord (actor), an oil baron entrepreneur.  

Each of these characters are impacted when the stone grants them wishes, and the drama that ensues creates a mystical, magical experience of watching a perfectly crafted superhero movie.  The movie has a message — be careful what you wish for, and every wish comes with a price.

Wonder Woman 1984 has an international journey, filming in diverse countries such as England, the United States, Spain, and the Canary Islands. Set against nature’s most gorgeous backdrops, Wonder Woman 1984 features high-quality special effects and music.

  Several scenes in the film were shot in the large-screen IMAX format, and the world-renowned Hans Zimmer created the music. This film is designed to be a treat for the eyes and ears of the viewer. 

This film has received heightened scrutiny because of its long and winding journey to the viewing audience. Wonder Woman 1984 was originally slated to be a blockbuster release during the summer of 2020, only to be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many theatres remained closed due to the pandemic, and the decision was made to simultaneously release the film on HBO Max, in an effort to increase subscribers for the fledgling streaming service.

This groundbreaking method of showcasing the release of Wonder Woman to HBO Max may forever change the way we see blockbusters.  On Christmas Day alone, Wonder Woman 1984 was viewed by over half of the HBO Max subscribers.  Almost immediately, the movie was determined to be such a success that Wonder Woman 3 is already in pre-production.

 This new release strategy may be a temporary, COVID-19 related adjustment, or it may permanently end the traditional 120-day exclusive window that movie theatre exhibitors previously enjoyed.  

Wonder Woman 1984 is a thrilling ride full of love, drama, action, special effects, and more. HBO Max is offering a one-week free trial for everyone to discover this film and the entire catalog of movies available.  Put your popcorn in the microwave, grab a soda from your refrigerator, and enjoy this great film — quarantine-style.