What should remain open in the purple tier

Purple Tier Stuff

Matteo Corona, Sports Editor

     With the recent shutdown orders once again placed upon California, there has been some controversy about what should and should not be allowed to remain open in the purple tier.  

     Gyms have been a hot topic lately, as they are not allowed to operate while we are in the purple tier.  While open, gym’s contribute less than one percent of COVID cases. Why? Because healthy people go to gyms. Gym’s keep people in shape and fit, which helps them stay healthy in times like these, and shutting these businesses down  could hurt more people than it helps.. Some gyms, like Fit Carmel Mountain, have found loopholes and allow members to work outside, but it is not the same.

     Eating at Restaurants should also be allowed. In the dining room, parties  are spaced out anyways and you are usually just sitting with your family. Maybe have limited seating that way the restaurant is not filled with a bunch of people. Then take everyone’s temperature before they walk in and only take reservations.

     Sports should be allowed as well. Sports barely have any clumped up groups when they are played, and they help kids stay active and healthy. Children are losing valuable time and could lose a chance for a potential scholarship. If college and professional sports can do it we should be able to as well. 

     We shouldn’t lose our ability to keep ourselves healthy and our ability to feed ourselves when those activities are essential.