Artist Titans Make a Difference


 During a pandemic, there is not much to do, seeing as people are advised to stay at home. Luckily for Poway High School’s art students, they have the opportunity to do some good for the world while partaking in something they love.

The Memory Project is an organization that connects art students to children in third world countries, so that the art students can make portraits of these children who have next to nothing. Art teacher Heidi Hensey has been taking part in this project for years, and is excited for her students to be connecting with children from Cameroon this year.

“It opens the world up to the kids who participate,” Hensey said, “I think this year it’s coming at a time when we really need it. It shows these students what their art can mean to someone who comes from nothing.”

The portraits are due to The Memory Project in March, but the students taking part have already started their paintings and are looking forward to the experience. “I’ve never painted a realistic face before, so this art piece will definitely be a challenge for me, and hopefully I will become a better artist. It’s a small way I can give back to someone in need, especially since I’ve been spending time at home a lot, it’s a good way to use my time doing something creative like painting,” junior Hailey Jose said.

Every year Poway high school’s art students do this project for a different country or region. In the past these students have done paintings for places such as Nigeria and South America.

The Memory Project organization sends photos or videos of the children when they receive their portraits. “When I tell you that my students are touched by this project, I mean, there are so many tears. They are so emotional when they find how much it means to these kids,” Hensey said.

The thing that most students look forward to most with this project isn’t just the artistic experience, but for the way they get to connect with children worldwide. “I think art is a really good way to reach out to people. I think that’s why this project is so important, because it connects to people I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach out to,” junior Carly Plante said.

With the small fee of 15 dollars, these artistic Titans take part in this valuable cause, and brighten the lives of these impoverished children in third world countries.