New Freshman Explore Campus

It’s been a long time since most students have been on our campus, and on Dec. 2 freshmen explored campus for the very first time. The students got a tour around the campus led by Link Crew Leaders and they did a walk through of the Titan Museum with Principal  Richard Nash. 

In previous years orientation occurred before the school year started. Link crew members would take the freshmen around campus in different groups and have competitions for prizes/bragging rights.

Transition to freshmen reactions. “After seeing the campus, I’m super excited to go back to school,” freshman Teya White said..  

The juniors and seniors were also really excited to finally get back on campus and show the new freshmen around. “The event was a great way for those of us in Link Crew to get to meet and interact with the class of 2024,” junior Lorelei Barry said.

Compared to middle school campuses, Poway’s is bigger and, for some,  more intimidating. “The campus is a lot different from the middle schools so I’m relieved that now I know my way around” said freshman Teya White.  This would be a good place for a quote to support the last sentence.

            Transition to what the tour included. “We met them in the front of the school as they walked in and took them on a tour around the school and showed them all the main areas that would be helpful for when we go back to school,” junior Ally Kowalski said.

It was an amazing experience for the freshmen who attended and the upperclassmen as well enjoyed the time on campus. “It was so nice to be on campus and the incoming freshman actually seemed excited to be there. Whether or not we go back to school in January, I believe it was a positive and super fun experience,¨ junior Allie D’acquisto said.

The class of 2024 were excited to get to know the campus that they’re going to spend the next four years at. “I’m so excited to be on the Poway High campus, being at orientation made me feel super excited to be a Titan,”  freshman Teya White said. 

Although Freshman Orientation  was much different this year with the safety protocols, the freshmen got an opportunity to get a glimpse of what its like to be a Titan on the Poway High campus.