Calming Down In Chaos

Reducing Anxiety During COVID-19

For many people, the events happening around us right now are nothing like we have ever seen. 

People all over the world are making hard decisions that are impacting their lives in irreversible ways. Some are losing jobs, saying hard goodbyes to loved ones, maintaining isolation, and keeping busy as best as possible.

While navigating the unknowns during this time such as anxiety and fear can be daunting, there are ways to reduce their impact.

One way to get inspiration or even tips to reduce anxiety is through Instagram accounts that promote mental health wellness. Junior Emily Jose runs the account @encouragemintcrew, where she openly shares her insight.

“Deep breathing exercises are always the go-to for everyone. It allows you to return back to the present moment and focus on your breathing to gain back control of your body. Some of my other favorite ways to reduce anxiety are writing down what I’m grateful for, and coloring,” Jose said.

The account is full of encouraging photos, affirmations, and tips. Jose also openly shares her journey, as she is a 17-year-old teen with anxiety, OCD, and depression. Her page is inspiring for so many Titans!

For other students, letting their stress go can look a little different, but still, equally effective.

“Sometimes I choose to turn on my favorite playlist and jam out in my room! I can control the songs I listen to so they always make me feel better,” sophomore Kate Bylsma said.

We are living history every day, so it is most important to take care of yourself.