High School Holiday Helpers

Working Titans During The Holidays

Over the holiday season, many Titans are working overtime or taking longer shifts in order to meet the needs of holiday shoppers. From Black Friday to New Years’, there are endless demands on working Titans.

HomeGoods employee and junior Ally Kowalski was hired just recently. “I started work during the holiday season, so it was stressful learning how to do my job and helping customers buy gifts at the same time. My co-workers are so nice, helpful, and meeting them made busy work fun,” Kowalski said.

While HomeGoods gets a number of holiday shoppers, larger retail storefronts like Target get a whole different crowd. Since Target carries basic groceries as well as clothing, electronics, and toy selections, they receive holiday shoppers and grocery shoppers.

“During the holidays at Target, we try to make it the best and most fun time for both our guests and team members. My team members usually hold Christmas prize giveaways for who can get the most Redcard applications and our HR often caters food for the team members,” senior Emily Jose said.

The business of the season is handled with high spirits in the store environment. “Even though the holiday times can be stressful, rough, and very busy, Target tries to make it a pleasant time for the guests and employees,” Jose said.

Another busy aspect of the holiday season is restaurants and fast food places. Starbucks is particularly busy, as it features holiday-themed and flavored drinks. The seasonal drinks bring in a large number of customers.

Senior Cailin Murray makes the best out of this festive season. “I think the best part about working at Starbucks during the holidays is when my favorite co-worker and I play Christmas music when we close,” Murray said.

Through patience, fun, and high spirits, the demands of customers are being met with smiling high school workers.