Nateal Jackson Takes the Spotlight

Exercising Leadership at Poway High

Nateal Jackson recording a segment for Titan TV

Nateal Jackson recording a segment for Titan TV

Ella Goldman, Staff Writer

The camera sits on its tripod, set to record. The lighting in the room is close to perfect for complexity. Without a distraction in sight, the room goes silent. “Lights, camera, action”: junior Nateal Jackson is recording her segment for broadcast journalism. 

In broadcast journalism, students produce Titan TV. They film, edit, and publish their work for their peers to know what is currently going on at school. Not only was Jackson part of Titan TV, but she was also the program director last trimester. She was in charge of a lot of aspects of the broadcast. “It was a good leadership experience. It really exercised my patience,” Jackson said. 

With this role, Jackson had many responsibilities. These included making sure that her peers were keeping up with their work and submitting their segments on time. She also ensured that their segments were of pristine quality. “She was very well put together and stayed on top of everything that had to get done,”  broadcast journalism student, junior Lucas Sandoval, said. 

Due to the circumstances of online school, many things changed for Titan TV. They have limited access to high-quality equipment and editing software. Another big change for students was a shift in roles. On normal terms, ASB does the anchoring of the broadcast. But since that was unable to happen, Jackson took the role of presenting every broadcast along with her younger sister. “ Even though I wasn’t in the class, it was fun to be able to get involved in the school with my sister,” freshman Parker Jackson said. 

Nateal Jackson’s decision to take this course was based on a goal to pursue her dream of becoming a movie director. By taking this class, she is introducing herself to an environment with director-like responsibilities. While she has always wanted to do something centered around creativity, being a director sparks a certain interest within her. “The idea just started snowballing. I want to create things that make people feel something,” Jackson said.

While aspiring to be on the red carpet, Jackson is working towards her dreams. By submerging herself in a world with cameras and leadership with Poway High, she is well on her way to achieving her goals.