Athletes are training while season is still questionable.

Alana Embry, writer

   Poway High athletes are beginning to practice their sports even though season is still in question. As of right now, football is the only sport practicing on campus. Other athletes are finding ways to get in practice wether it is individual or with their club team.


   Defense specialist, Lauren Vivona is very hopeful that she will get her season  for the Poway  girls’ volleyball team. Her club season, outside of school, has already started playing in tournaments. 


    ¨If I am allowed to play multiple teams in club, I believe high school athletes will get their chance too,¨ Vivona says


   The Poway program has had a camp, ran through Epic Volleyball Club. Many athletes from all high school grade levels trained for a couple weeks with the head coach, Breezy Ambort. 


   Varsity football has begun practicing, along with the junior varsity team. 

   “We wear our masks to the field, coaches check our temperature, and for a while we were not able to make physical contact with anyone, but now we are,”varsity linebacker Daniel Kries said. 


   The team is trying super hard to remain healthy to improve their chances of starting in January. 


      The team trains in small groups that are specifically for their positions. Kries and many of his teammates have also returned to campus for football P.E.. 

   Senior Varsity Water Polo player, Campbell Hakim has been training at a seperate club to improve her game. Her teammates are also training separatelyy and remain in contact with their high school coach.

    ¨I am hoping that her season will begin in December or January. I have  been training super hard to become the best athlete that I can be,¨ Hakim said.