Rocket League Flies to the Top

Rocket League on all platforms is a fast-paced game of soccer with a twist; the player is a car. Players boost around and try to score on opponents in a game that lasts only five minutes. They can play on a team: either solo, in a duo, trio, and even a team of four. This game requires fast thinking and, most of all, good control.

Rocket league came out in 2015, but only became free to play in September.  It’s popularity shot through the roof with thousands of new players, and it continues to steadily grow. Before rocket league was free, it was slowly dying. Now the game is currently on Ranker’s “Most Popular Video Game Right Now” list at number eight. 

This game is exhilarating and intense, there is no question why this game is growing rapidly. There is so much to do within the game, like ranked matches, casual matches, and other modes that even consist of powerups.

 Rocket League seems to be winning over the hearts of many new players, “I am enjoying this game so much, and it is so addicting” senior JT Meyers said. “I’ve never played a game with so many customization options and it’s honestly just beautiful.” JT is referring to customizing your car. There are hundreds of different wheels, paint jobs, and additional aesthetics.

Rocket league is also cross platform, meaning all consoles and PC players can all play together. Becoming free in combination with cross-platform gaming resulted in the player base now spanning across many different skill levels. 

“It’s great to see Rocket League blow up again, and being a veteran rocket league player it’s nice to have a leg up on the new competition,” senior Christian Enkerlin said. People can download the game right from their consoles store, or if you are on PC you can access it in the epic games store. Unlike most free games rocket league is ad free, and it is definitely worth picking up.