Titans Display Their Fall Spirit


“I personally love all spirit days, but PJ days in specific are so easy to dress up for and make me feel a part of the Titan family by dressing up. I also would never object to wearing PJ’s for the day because they are so comfy!” – Senior Lauren Finch

Despite not being in school, Titans still participated in our annual fall spirit week by sharing pictures from the daily activities on Instagram. We asked some Titans about how they participated in the fall spirit week and why they enjoyed participating.

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Even though we couldn’t have a normal Halloween this year, I still wanted to make the most of it by Facetiming friends and watching Halloween movies together safely from our homes!”
– Senior Emily Jose.
“I really like getting into the fall and winter spirit, and I really like to stay connected with the school.”
– Junior Nick Cook
“I was 1 year old when this picture of me dressed up as a bunny for Halloween was taken.”
– Sophomore Lara Miller
“I love carving pumpkins every year with my family. This year we tried to make our pumpkins look like emojis.”
– Senior Trent Norton