San Diego Air and Space Museum Announces They are Reopened

The San Diego Air and Space Museum taken precautions to announce their big reopening


After The San Diego Air and Space Museum has been reopened for only 2 months they have been shut down again because we have reached the purple tier, but here’s what to expect for their next reopening. 

The San Diego Air and Space Museum reopened after being shut down for months because of COVID-19. Located in Balboa Park and housed in the former Ford building, it is the perfect place to spend a day there. 

The Museum has taken many precautions with their reopening to make it safe for visitors. “Masks are required, employees are wiping down every piece of equipment throughout the museum, they have limited the space in the building by closing certain displays and social distancing is required,” employee David Bevel said. 

Being closed these past months have made them do some rearranging of the different planes and bringing in new aircrafts as well. They brought in “Wright brother gliders that are displayed when entering the building,” David Bevel explained. 

 It’s one of San Diego’s most famous museums especially if you are interested in aircraft and the history of flights. 

After the reopening, my friend, Sophie McNeil-Spooner visited  the Air and Space Museum and told me, “It’s so pretty there. The aircrafts are all so interesting and unique. The employees are all so nice and help inform you on the stories behind each airplane. We also went there for my junior homecoming and it was the perfect location.”

As it is located in Balboa park, there are many other locations to visit after the Air and Space museum, like the Natural History Museum, Museum of Us, and the Zoo is only a 10 minute walk away. Balboa park also offers beautiful gardens perfect for taking pictures.

Since San Diego county is back in the purple tier Balboa Park and the museums have closed to further details. Once it does open the doors, take Covid precautions and visit the beautiful museums and what Balboa park has to offer.