Elementary schools heading back on campus

How are Teacher Coping?


In the Poway Unified school district, elementary schools have been going back to campus for school in October, while social distancing and attempting to give the children a better education, meanwhile trying to be safe.

Guidelines for going back to school included making sure students have their masks on and keeping a distance between them. Creekside and Midland Elementary schools are two examples of schools with students back on campus. 

 “We are taking precautions to be safe from COVID best as we can, meanwhile we are just so happy to be back at school,” Creekside principal Angelica Barrigan Su said. She also says most teachers were eager to go back.

Creekside Elementary school and Midland Elementary School have been back since Oct.12. 

“I love that we’re back at school because online is way different, and I can interact more, still not enough, but at least it’s more,”  fourth grade teacher, Jacque Dyer from Creekside Elementary school said. 

 A perspective from another teacher,  “There’s so much difference, and I can’t get one on one as much as I could with students before COVID,” Creekside fifth grade teacher Heather Hofland said.

In classrooms, there are clear, plastic borders around the desks, that limit the transmission of germs. They are clear so students can still see each other and are able to interact from a distance.

Elementary school students have two shifts of students coming on campus, AM and PM. A group of students go in the mornings and another group goes in the afternoons, and times depend on the school.

Every student is required to wear a mask. Teachers say it can be difficult to understand students at times, but that’s a small problem compared to getting COVID. 

There is no definite answer on updates on if we’re going on campus or not. The county has not made any decisions. However, they are planning to present a plan, however it’s difficult to tell for sure of any decisions made.

The state of California has moved to the purple tier, meaning the COVID cases have increased. The earliest date schools will be able to go back is December 16th, according to the powayusd.com website.