Titans Making Bank

Inside Look at our Working Titans

Life can be pretty bland when you have nothing to do, which is why many Titans opt toward getting a part-time job to fill their time and their wallets.

Many working Titans love their jobs, seeing it as a chance to let their people skills shine. “I love my job because every day there’s an opportunity to meet new people and find out what’s happening in people’s daily lives that are sometimes interesting and intriguing,” Smokin J’s BBQ employee, senior Nicole Dragos said, adding ”I love hearing everyone’s story, and just interacting with customers.” 

While the people aspect of working is fun for Titans, there are aspects of some jobs that Titans are not too fond of. “My least favorite part about my job is checking inventory in the back where there is no AC, and it gets really hot,” Detail Supply Plaza employee, junior Carlos Betancourt said.

Many students decide not to have a job because they feel it will interfere with their school work and other extracurricular activities. A job and school can be a lot to handle, but many working Titans are able to manage it all.

“I manage school and work by trying to finish all of my assignments before I start work, and it usually works out fine,” Little Caesars employee, junior Nour Frangieh said.

The most obvious perk to a job is having some extra spending money. Some students use their money to save up to buy things like cars, while others are just happy to have their own means of paying.

“I love having extra money, especially now with the whole pandemic situation, and also because I love being independent and not asking for money anymore,” Dragos said.

Whether in it for the life skills or the money, Poway’s working Titans have taken big steps in becoming a part of the real world.