Anime Rises in Popularity Throughout Poway High


Nick Dali, Editorial Editor

The popularity of anime has spiked. Many Poway students have recently started watching these Japanese animations because of the free time that quarantine provided,and students are finding it highly entertaining.
Anime is a Japanese-style movie or show that is often based on manga, Japan’s equivalent of comic books. Anime can be watched either in Japanese with subtitles or in an English dub. 

Some of the most popular anime include Naruto, Attack on Titan, and Pokemon.  However, there are thousands of anime shows that encompass a wide range of genres. You can find these shows from many different streaming platforms, including Netflix and Crunchyroll. 

People who don’t watch anime tend to consider them as childish cartoons, but in reality, anime can include gore, horror, and any type of genre that even adults may hesitate to watch.

Students on campus spread interest in anime by talking about their favourite anime with their classmates. Similar to when a new Netflix series or movie comes out, students may feel that they are missing out when they haven’t seen a specific anime, making them watch it and get hooked on the world of Japanese animation.

With quarantine, many people have extra free time that they might fill up with watching anime for entertainment. “Anime has replaced Netflix for me [as my favorite form of entertainment]” senior Yanpei Wang said.

This is a great time to get into anime, because many new shows and seasons are coming out soon, such as Attack on Titan season 4 in December. 

Anime is becoming very popular in our community, and for good reason. Many protagonists in anime teach us good life lessons such as the importance of friendships and hard work. 

So when scrolling through Netflix and Disney+ gets boring, be sure to check out some awesome anime!