PHS Admin Welcomes a New Team Player

Desire of Challenge Brings Positive Change

Alexandrea Porrino, Staff Writer

Communicating with students, parents, and teachers, addressing student discipline, planning for virtual events, and many more tasks makes Ms. Kanouse is a busy lady. Monique Kanouse joined the administration team at the beginning of this school year and is enthusiastic about her role as our newest assistant principal. 

“I am most excited about the traditional high school and being able to watch students have high school experiences and create memories. We get the fun without the nervousness,” Kanouse said. 

After teaching eighth grade U.S. history for seven years in Santa Ana and before that high school world history and government in Los Angeles, Kanouse wanted a change. “I was a teacher for 18 years, and when you do something for so long, and you’re good at it, you start getting less excited about it,” she said.  

Although she wanted a new challenge, she said it was really difficult to leave because she loved her school so much. “I really had to force myself to resign because there is never a good time to leave. You just have to do it,” Kanouse explained. 

Since working at Poway High School, Kanouse has loved her new job. She said her favorite part about her new job is being able to talk to teachers all the time. Kanouse said talking to students is also a really amazing part of her job, but the online school does not offer the same interaction that would be ideal. 

Describing some of the challenges of her new role, Kanouse shared, “The hardest part of my job is that I have a lot of tasks and projects. I have to remember to get them all done and turn them in on time.” This is a challenge most high school students relate to and understand.

Right now she and the other assistant principals are trying to plan all the traditional events imitating them virtually. “At the moment, we are planning and trying to get kids back on campus,” she said, adding she believes students belong on campus. “It’s hard because we do worry about our students and their health and safety, but at the end of the day we know high school is all about the social activities and experiences.” 

She said when she thinks of high school, homecoming, prom, football, sports, and school spirit first come to mind. 

Away from school and planning, she loves to adopt older dogs and give them forever homes. She explained that so many people get rid of older dogs because these dogs are too much work, are not fun enough, or people just want a new puppy. She adopted her now 14-year-old Yorkie, Walley, when he was eight and loves to spend her free time with him. 

In addition to spending her free time with her dog, she likes to clean. “When I come home and there are dirty dishes in the sink I have to clean them up,” she said 

Ms. Kanouse’s colleagues are also excited to welcome her as part of the team. “Ms. Kanouse is a great asset to the Poway High administrative team.  She holds high standards for herself professionally, for student achievement, for effective teacher professional growth, and in working with her colleagues. It is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Kanouse to our Titan family.” Assistant Principal, Mr. Burkes, shared. Her other fellow Assistant Principal, Mr. Little, also added, “Ms. Kanouse brings a fresh perspective to Poway High School. She comes with a great deal of educational experience from Orange County and we are excited for her to help us continue improving the climate and culture at Poway High.”