Mecha Clubs Makes Change

Giving Back to Elementary Schools


Club president, Madlane Martinez

Education is important, but if kids don’t have the right material it can make things harder for elementary students. The MeCha Club has a plan to change that.. 

It is still in question when they will be done but with time they will receive the money they need, working with ASB, MeCha Club will then make the backpacks to give back to kids that are in need. “There will be enough supplies so kids that are in need don’t have to worry,” teacher Julie Tovar said. 

MeCha Club members wanted to get together and work as a team for others in need. “The idea was brought up by us wanting to help low income students because we understand most families aren’t able to afford the necessary school materials due to the pandemic,” club president Madlane Martinez said. 

Martinez said MeCha has been collecting items for four weeks with the help from the ASB and local teachers at PHS.

“We are waiting for a list of names of students so we could move forward with our plan and begin buying school supplies”.

The pandemic was their motivation and the intention to help others and began this process of these backpacks and will be donated to the students at Valley Elementary School. Students will now benefit and have the supplies they need to get the education they need.

Overall this project is very important to the Mecha Club, it is their goal to work hard and give back to these kids that are not only going to be appreciative but the parents as well because that is what it’s all about.