Why it Would be a Bad Idea for the U.S to go Fully Electric on the Roads


So in the U.S electric cars are the new thing on the road right now, and have been for many years . but here is why it would not be beneficial for the U.S to be all electric on the roads by 2035. It is because it would be a great challenge to get many Americans to make the switch from gas to electric. I know that some people already have electric cars, but we have to think about how the country is run, and everyone may not be able to afford an electric car or their certain job can adapt to the electric world.


Take truck drivers, for example . If you have ever been on a road trip, you have definitely seen one. They drive all over the country to deliver food, clothing, and everyday items to the shelves in your local stores. I am aware that Tesla is inventing a fully electric semi, and at first glance it seems like a pretty good idea, but there are so many factors that go into pulling a 70 foot tractor trailer and 80,000 pounds down the road. According to tests done by Inside EVs, a Tesla semi truck can only pull about 36,000 pounds of weight, which is far less than the 80,000 pounds that a diesel truck can pull.

Another reason why going fully electric will be difficult  is that there are 270 million vehicles on the road. Out of these, only about one million are electric. I do know that releasing diesel fumes into the air is not good for our atmosphere, so if diesel trucks were the way to go for America they would have to convert to biodiesel. Biodiesel is basically the same old diesel but it barely releases any emissions into the air. And it still has the same amount of pull weight that a normal diesel semi truck would have.

It would be a significant challenge to get about 269 million people to switch over to electric cars. Along with this, there would need to be a significant price drop in the electric car industry for the average American to be able to afford one.

According to EnergySage, an average electric car costs between $35,000 to $124,000, which can be out of the price range for many. In addition, for people to install solar panels for your home, since charging electric cars makes your electric bill skyrocket. On the other hand paying for gas is much more expensive though. A normal gas station will charge about 3 to 4 bucks just for a gallon of gas. And according to Solareviews it is about 4.4 cents per gallon when charging an electric car.


Electric cars are not bad products, I honestly think they would be good for a daily driver. But just not ready until Tesla can figure some more things with batteries and they will need to invent a lot more vehicle types to fit how many different types of vehicles are on America’s roads.