Students Seeking Support Back On Campus

Poway Gates Finally Open To Students Seeking Support

Reace Rinehart, Associate Editor

The Poway gates are open and small groups of students are coming back to campus. In order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and keep the community safe, Poway High School students and staff began distance learning so far this school year. We are moving into the Purple as COVID-19 cases decrease, allowing for more flexibility in the Poway Unified School District. 

Poway High is beginning to slowly reintroduce small groups onto campus. Some Special Education classes have returned,  and the school is now opening the gates to other students as well.

 “We have set up an area in the Cafeteria with nice tables that are socially distanced for students’ virtual learning,” Assistant Principal Gannon Burks said.  

Students who are invited on to campus must go through a screening before entry, wear a mask throughout the entire visit, and follow all CDC guidelines, like social distancing. The screening includes a temperature check and scanning of each students’ ID card to log the traffic on campus. 

Although this is somewhat of an opportunity to be social and engage with other students, “it is very structured…..and is an instructional space where students will need to maintain some level of silence,” Principal Richard Nash said. 

As of now, Poway administration is prioritizing students with internet issues or a home environment not well suited for virtual learning, and students who are particularly struggling and need extra support. 

Any student can contact their counsellor or call the office to make a request to come onto campus.