Standing Out in Our Community


The Titan Ambassadors are a well known group of 20 seniors around campus (10 girls and 10 boys) that help out the community and city of Poway in many different ways. This year’s ambassadors hope to have an impact on Poway through this pandemic, and it really means a lot for them to have been selected this year.

The ambassadors were evaluated and chosen this year through a series of several steps. The original number of applicants were split in half after last year’s ambassadors reviewed the applications, which consisted of several in-depth questions and areas to fill in with personal information. 

After this, the next round of applicants were scheduled for a zoom interview with several of last year’s ambassadors and Erica Rangel. Then, Rangel selected the final roster for this year’s ambassadors.

“Being an ambassador means being a role model for the younger children in the district, and we stand out by setting an example for our peers and for the up-and-coming Titans,” senior JT Meyers said energetically. Meyers is very excited to have been chosen to be an ambassador because he had been thinking about being one ever since his sophomore year, and several of his fellow peer counselors said he would be a great fit for an ambassador.

With COVID-19 and online school this year, how will they find ways to help out the community? How will they show school spirit? How will they help their fellow students and peers get through a pandemic this school year?

Their advisor, Erica Rangel, has been searching for ways the ambassadors can still be a highlight in the community. 

Whether it is a digital activity, or an in person activity with social distancing, the ambassadors are finding ways to contribute to a positive community.

“We have just started to plan how we are going to support elementary and middle schools virtually, and we are also starting to make skits about the different character counts traits,” explained senior Amelia Zolzer.

On Oct.12 ambassadors helped out for the first day of school back in person for Tierra Bonita Elementary School and Garden Road Elementary School. While social distancing, the ambassadors cheered on the students and made them feel excited to be back at school.

“I loved being able to see all the kids full of excitement to be back in person,” senior Lainie Carter said. The ambassadors made signs as well with positive messages on them.

Rangel and the Titan Ambassadors program have never had to deal with a pandemic before so they are trying their hardest to find the best out of this situation.

“I think that it is going to be a very different experience with things being virtual, but we can still try our hardest to make the best of this situation and make the children happy,” explained ambassador Evan Asakawa.