Addressing Problems Through Podcasts

Julian Pena, Staff Writer

To make strides towards cultural and racial understanding,  the members of ASB are taking action. ASB President Jake Murray and the rest of the members have decided to raise awareness about issues through a PodCast. 

“ We’ve thought about starting this podcast before, and we always try to incorporate different issues when we plan events, especially when ‘No Place for Hate Week’ comes around. This year we thought it would be interesting and helpful to help spread awareness, especially with what’s been going on,” Murray said.

. Fernanda Madrazo, member and Executive of Student Affairs, was the one who pitched the idea to start the Podcast. She also helps to coordinate and narrates the topics for the podcast. 

“ I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts, and have always found many of them very informative. We always try to draw attention and speak up about different issues, and I thought it would be a cool idea to do it through a podcast. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and I’m glad many others had similar ideas. I love to hear different voices and inputs about similar topics, and I hope others can too, “ Madrazo said.

They discuss a variety of topics and try to keep the podcast inclusive. Since September was Hispanic Heritage Month, they decided to revolve the conversation around that. They invited a member of the MECha Club, Stacey,  to talk about her culture and experiences of being a Latina. 

“ Coming to Poway was a big change, there’s not many people that looked like me. It was a big change. There’s not a lot of hispanic representation,” said Stacey. 

For October’s podcast they discussed breast cancer awareness month. They interviewed a student from campus, and asked him about the impact breast cancer can have on people and their family around them.

The easiest way to find their Podcast is through the Poway High instagram by clicking on one of the links in their bio. You can also find it through the ASB portion of the Poway High School website. They plan on continuing to use their voices and role on the school campus to continue spreading awareness. They also hope future ASB members can continue doing the same and hopefully make the Podcast an yearly thing.