The Raw Power of Bang

Matteo Corona, Sports Editor

   The best thing to do when you wake up feeling groggy and lethargic is to drink a Bang. Bang energy drinks can completely revitalize your mood and your energy. I have tried every flavor I can find, so here is why Bang energy drinks are the best of the best.

   Bang uses creatine as well as caffeine as its “energy,” which means no trouble sleeping, no rapid heart rate, no addiction, and, most importantly, no sugar crash later on. Bang has super creatine, which means the creatine is water stable. Creatine helps improve strength and lean muscle mass, and it helps muscles recover faster during a workout, all while giving you energy. Super creatine helps with mental focus as it can cross the blood brain barrier more easily. There is also Beta Alanine, which is a non essential amino acid that also helps increase muscle mass and improve athletic ability in young adults. The science behind all of this can be supported by independent sources such as Null Chiropractic LLC.

   While just taking Beta alanine or creatine would be sufficient, being able to take both at once is huge for anyone working out as it greatly increases the effectiveness of any workout, even cardio. Especially since Beta Alanine is so rare, having Bang incorporate it with creatine, while making taste amazing, is simply outstanding. The drinks have zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, and zero calories, already making it healthier than it’s competition.

   I drink Bangs before my lacrosse practices and games, as well as before I go to the gym. Bang gives me the energy I need to compete against other players by keeping me aware and energized, as well as giving me the power to push past my limits and set new personal records while lifting.

   I have tried just about every flavor of Bang, and my personal favorites are: Star Blast , Power Punch, and Birthday Cake Bash. 

   Bang simply tastes exquisite, no other drink can compare to it. The fizzy drink flows so easily down your throat, and it tastes just perfect whether it’s warm or cold.

   Bang has been on the rise as it is currently a better alternative than its competitors Monster Energy and Redbull, which have massive amounts of caffeine and sugar in them. Bang is a go-to pre-workout drink for a lot of power lifters as well as cross fit enthusiasts as it has creatine in its concoction, which helps improve their work out.

   You can get certain flavors of Bang at your local 7-Eleven or Walmart for $3.99 per can. You can also order packs of twelve cans in any one flavor they have from their website for just $31.99. It is well worth the price for how good it tastes. Remember, if you need a bang in your life, just drink one.