Engage in the spirits of Peer Counseling

All the news you need for PC this year


The peer counseling team doing activities at Lake Poway for planning of the season this past spring.

Peer counselors have the spirit and energy of fire, with their community-like attitudes, and good they do for our school like free torturing, volunteering, and being an ear to talk to when needed. At our school, counselors and peer counselors are trained to be there for anyone who wants to talk, help get people involved with school, and participate in fundraising to raise money for events at our school.

During the pandemic, peer counselors have done their best to adjust to the circumstances. Meetings are still being held, but on Zoom. “It has been different, because when we had our Wednesday morning meetings, there was more energy,” junior Kate Bylsma said. Even though it might have been easier to have a connection in person, as some of the peer counselors say, everything else is the same.

Applications are now available on the Poway High School website. For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, to apply to join PCs. From there, students can sign up for the days their interview will be held. 

“Our page on the school website has all the information needed, and we want people to know that we are still operating, ” Peer Counseling President Hayden Jackson said. At the meetings, they are talking about upcoming events, and how they can spread their social media presence. A message peer counseling wants to give out is that they are here for anyone that needs someone to talk to. You can reach them through instagram, or attend the office hours on the PHS website.

For any new students at Poway, Peer Counseling is hosting Zoom lunches for new students to meet fellow classmates. The PC advisor sent out the links. 

Their instagram page is @powayhighpeercounseling. Students will see updates on events at poway, peer counselors of the week and their achievements, tips on how to stay organized with online school, and spread positivity all around.  

“I hope students know that we are still here for them and that resources are still being given out,” Poway High counselor Christy Brown said. 

Peer Counselors Kate Bylsma, Lara Miller, and Jason Chan have said Peer Counseling has really opened them up to get involved with the school more, in a really positive way. They have met lots of new people. Making friends and spending time with classmates while doing good for our community. 

Applications are due october 30th, and they are not accepting any late ones, and then sign up for an interview time. PC is looking for positive, lively people. They want reliable and good students. Apply now!