No Tricking or Treating this Year

Changing for the Better to Keep Everyone Safe

Analeesa Atalig, Staff Writer

The Halloween season comes with many traditions, such as trick-or-treating, haunted houses, spooky trails, pumpkin patches, and dressing up in costumes. People are trying to find ways to still celebrate this holiday, despite the heavy restrictions in place to keep people safe. This could mean there may not be any activities throughout October. 

Parents being strict with COVID-19 precautions would rather not let their kids trick-or-treat, and some houses do not want to give out candy. San Diego County checks with the county to see if there really is a possibility of restrictions affecting trick-or-treating. Los Angeles already has implemented rules deterring kids from trick-or-treating this year.

To get into the spirit, many have different plans. For example, neighborhoods in Poway would rather not give out candy. The common knowledge is to keep away from possible risks.

It is still not certain of everyone wanting to give out candy but Poway still is making Halloween a fun holiday, Titan junior Isabella Vejar said, “My plans are to give out candy and spend time with my family and little nephews, I love Halloween and still want to celebrate”

Having to deal with COVID-19 there is a change, having Poway adapt more., “My mom has not been a fan of me going out and I will most likely have to stay home and watch scary movies with my family,” junior Denisse Diaz said. 

Although Trick-or-treating is in question, there are still pumpkin patches, and even Scream Zone (Del Mar) modified the park to make it a drive-thru with masks required. Titan junior Emily Aparico attended the new modified Scream Zone.“I was still so scary, I didn’t scare really easily, but overall had a fun experience,” she said.  She said she did miss some of the activities., “ I would rather it have different things to go on, like the Hayride.”

Overall, Halloween is going to happen this year but will not be the same. Titans can still have a spooky time by eating candy, watching spooky movies, and doing activities with family.