Will this Halloween be cancelled?

Are we going to have to buy our own candy?


Andrew Fitzgerald

The good ol’ Halloween candy. You may notice that they aren’t the small sized candies usually received from trick or treating. This year store bought candy is what fills up my candy bowl.

Andrew Fitzgerald, Editorial Editor

   One gloomy Halloween night, one skeleton costume, and a bowl of candy. Sitting in front of my front door in a white chair, candy on my lap, waiting for kids to come around. The first visitors at my house were met with a major jump scare. As they dug into the mass amount of candy, my limp body was sitting there waiting for the right moment. Right when the teenage boy thought he could snag a second handful, my hand shot out as fast as lighting and clung onto his wrist. I had never laughed more at hearing someone’s extremely girly scream.

   Halloween is the most classic time of the year. All the screams, laughs, panting from sprinting between houses, free candy, and amazing costumes always equates to a great time. Who doesn’t enjoy free candy and getting to mess with friends and strangers?

   That said, Halloween 2020 is not like any other previous Halloween. As much as it pains me to say it, the hours that are usually spent roaming from house to house collecting loads of candies and memories, will likely be spent indoors this year.

   COVID-19 just keeps screwing things up. Who would have thought that we may need to buy our own candy for Halloween? How lame is that? 

   I feel bad for all of the kids that do not get to enjoy such a festive and fun time. So many exhilarating, crazy, spooky, and classic memories are supposed to be made during this time of year.

   If there is another alternative to partake in the Halloween rundown, then I am all for it. Nobody wants to stay at home any longer, and Halloween is an American tradition that has been practiced since the 1950s. There must be an alternative that will not raise the chance of COVID-19 being spread. 

   Perhaps Halloween could exist as normal, however the candy could be left out in a clean bowl or spaced apart so that people can grab pieces individually. Then Trick-or-treaters can maintain six feet and not have to worry about wearing a mask over or on their costume. 

   I do not see any reason why people would not want to roam around in a costume on this year’s Halloween, it is always enjoyable. Even though COVID-19 is still present, it would be a major let down to let such a great day slide past us because of a new fear.