Marlene Reinstates the MECha Club


Julian Pena, Staff Writer


With the school year starting off virtually, many clubs have had trouble planning out their usual activities and events through screens. Senior Marlene Martinez, president of the MECha Club, has made it her goal to continue to spread cultural awareness about the Latino community at Poway High.  “Although everything is now virtual, and it’s harder to do things, many of us decided we still want to continue the MECha club and do as much as we can with our current situation,” Martinez said. 

The MECha club is based off a larger national organization that empowers latinos and chicanos across America through political actions. As president, Marlene provides creative ideas to the members of her club and discusses community issues they can help with. Last year they helped decorate the library for christmas, raise money and honor fellow titans, and help the community around the city of Poway. 

“ I hope to be able to expand MECha and hopefully have more people join. We have so many things planned out and are excited to help people in the community,” Martinez said.

Although the pandemic has limited how clubs can plan events and activities that hasn’t stopped Marlene. She’s determined to do as much as possible while also staying safe .“We plan on having meetings through Zoom or other video calling apps, and we’re trying our best to plan events and fundraisers to help out others around the community. So far we’ve been planning on collecting hand sanitizing and cleaning supplies to give to the elementary schools that are opening back up in October,” Martinez said.

For Martinez, the work of the club is personal.  “ Being a part of the latinx community myself, I know how it feels to be negatively stereotyped and labeled just for being latina. In many places there is a lack of representation and a lack of hispanic voices. I want to show others what we can achieve and spread a good image for our community, as well as educate others and spread cultural awareness.” Martinez said. 

Many members of her club are just as passionate about it and want to make a difference within their community. According to senior Alexa Tejeda club members want to represent themselves and show diversity on campus. “I’ve known Marlene for a long time and she’s always brought out the best in me. She is hard working, responsible, and always puts others first. I’m glad I’m able to help her with something we’re both passionate about,¨ Tejeda said.

“ I hope people can come and join us and I hope they know that MECha is for all races, cultures, and ethnicities. You don’t have to be hispanic to join, and everyone is welcome at our club,” Martinez said.