Coaching at its Finest

Analeesa Atalig, Staff Writer

Dance team Coach Raul Gomez is a hard working coach, who has been teaching dance for 21 years and has dedicated his passion for dance even though COVID-19 that has caused him altercations for his team,  making sure that what he starts with, andl finishes the season stronger than he can do.

     Gomez has been teaching for Poway Dance Project for 11 years. He was not sure how they would get through this pandemic.

   He said it was hard to keep track and be motivated for himself and the team when  quarantine had first started.

    The season took a turn that was not easy for others, Junior Natalie Lockwood, said she could not believe that there was not going to be an end to the season,  “I was really sad and shocked as well when I heard we couldn’t finish the year”. 

  Gomez Loves being with the dance team “To do that is my life’s passion”. And able to do it with people he loves helps, “I share with a group of students that is just as excited with something that i’m passionate about and the growth I get to see in dancers and guide them outside of dance, getting to be therapist as well but I actually really enjoy”. 


    Not being allowed to do his own passion really took an impact toward him as well, “I lost track for a little bit– wondering what we are going to do and how to help everyone grow, but i’m confident by pushing hard behind the scenes for the past month really helped me right now”. 

    Practices in person compared to online was way easier for him and easier to push his students to stay on top of it. By the end of the day Raul Gomez never gave up and tried his hardest with adapting for the satisfaction of being a team but still in distance.