Drowning or Surviving AP classes?


Knows all about human geography, and rides the waves in his free time, Mckee is wild! Teaching for 14 years at Poway, McKee has never experienced anything like this.

McKee teaches AP Human Geography at Poway High. With these times with COVID, Mckee comments, “I think it’s ten times the amount of work to do work onlineWe’re starting from scratch.” 

McKee is passionate about his class and had more hands-on projects, group assignments and activities that have had to be reduced down. He had a plan for group activities that have been changed to personal assignments. 

It has been difficult for teachers to start over. Meanwhile, students are also having to learn through a computer.

AP classes will be more strenuous to study for now, as we have more independence to take on. “…it’s just because of all the challenges that everyone is going through, and having to take on, it’s going to be more challenging for the teachers and students and even more accountability,” McKee said.

McKee is not sure if he would want to return to teaching on campus during the pandemic. He comments, “If there were protocols that were met and safety standards that were insured, I think I would probably vote to get back in person, but it depends on a lot.” 

Some students prefer learning on-campus, rather than on Zoom. Junior Skyler Gibbs, also a student of McKee, states “I’d rather be in class for AP courses, just because I procrastinate a lot, and being home makes me want to do nothing. So I need that structure, the one we get on campus, which forces me to do my work.” Skyler further talks about how McKee still makes online learning fun, with the stories he tells, and his positive attitude.

McKee has done his best to adjust. In his free time, he does water activities. He says, “I spend a lot of time on the ocean and with my kids. I’m an athlete and I paddle, and I race in lots of places on the west-coast and in Hawaii.”