Baking Club Resumes Online

Abigail Wong, Staff Writer

As students come into the baking club meeting, the stress of the school day leaves them for a short 30 minutes as they are greeted by the other club members and given ingredients and instructions to start putting together a delicious treat. 

Baking club will soon start up again online after club rush. 

“I would send out the recipe beforehand for people to get the ingredients up, and then whoever joins can bake with us in their kitchen on zoom or just watch,” club president Tess Prutow explained. Baking has been a hobby for Prutow since she was little and she is excited to share it with others.
She anticipates challenges with teaching over video and with ensuring everyone has the ingredients. She hopes to have members make easy treats, such as mug cakes or cookies, that can be made with ingredients already at home.

Baking club member Maria Catiglione is a little disappointed about attending online. “I think it’s sad because we won’t be able to hang out with our friends and bake together,” she said.

While Castiglione wishes she could see her friends in person, she is happy that Baking Club will offer more social interaction during the school year even if it is online. 

Prutow expects that many students will still attend club meetings despite them being online. “I think it will be pretty similar to what it was before because a lot of people are bored in their house,” Prutow said.

In a few weeks, students will come to the Baking Club at lunch to enjoy making treats with their friends again, even if they are walking into their own kitchen instead of the home-ec room. Meeting dates will be available on the Baking Club instagram page (@sweetcreationsphs).