Ninth-Graders Tackle Online learning

For most Titans, freshman year starts off on a school campus, going to dances, cheering on the football team and many other fun activities. This year however, the cycle changed for the the class of 2024 on numerous occasions as students started off their year on a computer at home. 

The transition from middle school to high school is already one of the most awkward and stressful challenges in one’s high school career and starting in a virtual world poses more challenges Angela Dorame is a 13-year-old ninth-grader who has to experience some of her first year on a computer screen. 

“High school is different for me because I came in with a mindset that applied my mind to actually try hard in my classes unlike in middle school where you could get straight F’s and still go on to high school. You have to stay focused to stay on track”, Dorame said.

Although Dorame works well in online school, she misses the social aspect of school and is hopeful to return to campus soon. “I really hope we’re back on campus by January, if not I think I’ll still be ok with online school because it’s honestly better for me”, said Dorame. 

 Dorame is hoping to go back on campus and have the experience hat was taken away from her and her peers.

Dorame admits that online school has actually worked quite well for her and how campus would probably catch her off guard.  “If we were on campus, I think it would actually be a lot harder for me because I have found that online school is actually a lot easier for me. I also tend to get very distracted in class, so I think being at home is a good adjustment”, commented Dorame. 

On the other hand, ninth-grader Ashley Barran admits that she would do better on campus than online. 

“If we were to go back on campus, I think it would be better because I would actually learn more and not be as distracted as I am at home,” Barran said. 

Although Dorame feels positive about online school, she deeply wishes that she were on campus with her friends starting her first year and having fun like the usual ninth-grade class does.