Poway High Zooms into the New Year

The school year began  very unconventionally for many staff and students: two weeks later we are not on campus. 

Most would say the Zoom went pretty smoothly for most. The teachers were able to get their links and codes out to students for them to join. Of course there was going to be a couple errors such as kids internet and not being able to connect but for the most part classes were able to continue smoothly

“So far I haven’t come across any problems on Zoom and most of the kids in my classes got in perfectly fine” junior Donovan Montielh said.

  “Zoom has been fine for me, except for some technical glitches like kids getting kicked out when doing the break out rooms but I tell them to just sign back in,” Poway High Teacher Richard Pietz said.

Cut or give a quote for support. 

Teachers are still figuring things out as most of them are just as new to Zoom as the students are. 

“ I adapted to zoom by listening to the teachers and making sure I follow all the directions,” junior Hudson Betts said.

Most students like that they don’t have to be at home to do school now. People can go on trips to different places and still connect to classes since it’s all online learning. A perk is some teachers being lenient and letting students out early and letting them work by themselves.

“Currently I am on a big two week trip to Ohio and Washington and I can do school perfectly fine since its online so that’s a pro,” junior Alyssa Kenzie said.

It’s a different experience for everyone, as the environment is completely different. Everyone is at their own house so everyone is experiencing something different. 

“Personally, from what i’ve experienced online school is perfectly fine since all of the teachers have been helpful and very productive ,” junior David Angulo said.

Overall students and teachers are pleased with how the start went. Everyone agrees that it has been good for the students.