McDonald’s Goes Sicko Mode

New Travy Patty at Mcdonalds

McDonald’s Goes Sicko Mode

A normal meal, but rapper Travis Scott chose the ingredients? Sign us up! McDonald’s partnered with Travis Scott and his record label Cactus Jack earlier this month to drop “The Travis Scott Meal.”

The meal consists of a quarter pounder with cheese, Scott’s special addition of bacon and lettuce, medium fries and BBQ sauce, and Sprite. Don’t forget to ask for extra ice, just like the famous rapper has.

The meal is $6 with the McDonald’s app, and fans are absolutely loving it. Billions have already been sold, and the whole internet has been posting non-stop about the meal.

The amount of attention the meal is getting hardly needs advertising with the large number of videos and pictures circulating. Popular YouTube videos include “The FASTEST Travis Scott Meal Ever Eaten,” “Ordering 100 TRAVIS SCOTT MEALS from the SAME McDonald’s,” and “Eating the Travis Scott Meal then Racing a Mile!”

There are also debates going around about whether or not it’s worth the hype. Some people are saying there’s nothing special about the meal, and that nothing sets it apart from a regular McDonald’s order except that it says Travis Scott meal on the receipt.

“It was only special because it had bacon in it,” junior Nolan McCann said.

On the other hand, some people feel one step closer to their favorite rapper by eating his handpicked meal. Who wouldn’t want to eat what Travis Scott eats?

    “The Travis Scott meal from McDonald’s is truly revolutionary, and the combination between the added bacon, lettuce, and cheese is out of this world. And don’t get me started on the fries and barbecue sauce, classic but delicious, so thank you Mr. Scott,” long-time Travis Scott fan, junior Mackenna Nightingale said.

Hate it, love it, or hate to love it, The Travis Scott meal is a really smart marketing technique and will be talked about for years to come. Whether you order it because you love Travis Scott or you love added bacon on your quarter pounder, you really can’t go wrong with this iconic $6 meal, available until Oct. 4.