Keeping Things Interesting Over Break


Imagine living months without all the things people look forward to every day. For many, that may seem like a nightmare, but it’s our current reality. By accepting this harsh change, some have adapted to this new quarantined lifestyle by adding new routines to their lifestyle.

Some Titans have decided to pick up  new skills or improve skills they already had. These can consist of physical activities such as exercise or maybe watching documentaries to make themselves more aware of the world.

Sophomore Emma Karbosky has recently picked up on culinary arts during her spare time . She plans to continue getting better and making her selection of dishes increase as she practices. ”I’ve recently started baking and cooking a lot more to help me get my mind off things and expand my bubble. I’ve cooked things such as brownies and cookies and much more,” Karbosky said.

Other students have taken the physical approach of new hobbies, finding new ways to stay fit. 

“I have started swimming much more lately on top of my normal workouts,” senior Cristen Mason said.

Health Attendant and Coach Brett Williams is in many different directions on his new hobby search. “I started a garden, and I’m growing all kinds of veggies. I also bought a power rack, and I try to hit those weights four times a week. I also spend a lot of time with my kids.” Outside of those reasons he also does a lot of home improvement. “I might try house painting soon as well, and I’ll probably paint one wall a day. At the start of quarantine I did a lot of landscaping, and lastly I’m thinking of making a brand new hot sauce,” Williams said.

During these times of boredom there are many ways to stay busy and keep your body and mind active, such as workouts or reading a book to keep your mind fresh.