Californians Flock to Newly Opened Beaches


California beaches reopened on the morning of April 27, sending waves of excitement throughout the state, though concern and fears still stood stand steady. 

This is a huge step in easing the restrictions under the shelter-in-place order presented by Governor Newsom. 

However, in Los Angeles county the story was far different. Residents disobeyed orders and acted as though it were a normal beach day during summer with friends, family, coolers, parties, and laying out on the sand. Newsom was forced to close LA county beaches. San Diegans though, have been respectful and honoring the orders that although beaches remain open, they are for exercise only. 

“I’m really happy that the beaches are back open, I finally have something to do during quarantine,” senior Margaret Jelsma said. 

Some people believe the beaches should be fully reopened, for leisure.

“I wish that you could just stand or chill for a while. It sucks not being able to really hang out at the beach,” senior Corissa Burgoyne said. 

Others disagree with what? such as senior Izzy Agrusa, “I think the restrictions should be as they are now;, masks and no sitting should continue to be enforced. If the curve continues to flatten though, it would be nice to sit down while practicing social distancing,” Agrusa said. 

Beaches opening to the public also raises questions about reopening the economy and how lifting restrictions may or may not be too soon. 

“I think the beach reopening has made me more hopeful that this will be over in the near future, but I’m not getting my hopes up because this is a serious pandemic and the right actions need to be taken, even if that means quarantine during summer,” Agrusa said. 

LA county, as of today, has reopened their beaches, yet extended the shelter-in-place order is until July.