The Strokes making an ‘Abnormal’ Comeback

The Strokes making an ‘Abnormal’ Comeback

Marin Colville, Editor

Seven years after releasing their last album, The Strokes released The New Abnormal, a great comeback album after leaving fans on their toes for nearly a decade. However, many fans would argue that it was worth the wait, as this compilation of 9 songs is a beautiful reflection of how the band has matured both instrumentally and lyrically.

The Strokes is an alternative rock band, consisting of five members. They have been making music together since 1998, with their most popular album, Room on Fire, being released in 2003.

The album begins super strong with “The Adults Are Talking,” giving first time listeners high hopes for the rest of the album. With listening to just the first song, you can tell how the band has progressed into high notes and more emotional lyrics, while still keeping to their classic simple, riffy sound.

“Bad Decisions,”’ the fourth song on the album, provides an upbeat sound, with lyrics paving way to almost sorrowful meanings. The editor himself notes the similarities between this song and Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.”

“Eternal Summer” is the fifth song of the album, and features a very chill sound, similar to many modern alternative songs, but still with “The Strokes” unique touch of eerie guitar and intermissions of more hardcore rock vocals from the lo-fi sound consuming most of the song. This song would appeal most to those looking for a rock touch on alternative or indie music.

“At the Door” and “Why Are Sundays So Depressing” contain a more electronic sound incorporated into the usual simple instruments. This makes for a more psychedelic feel to the song, while “At the Door” focuses lyrically more on pulling the heartstrings, and “Why Are Sundays So Depressing” is more of your classic lust song.

The final song of the album is “Ode to the Mets,” is a melancholy song about loneliness, and times changed. It clearly connects to the general heartfelt feeling of the album, and how things have changed over the years.

Overall, The New Abnormal was a great comeback for The Strokes, putting a more humanized twist on the band’s usual “I don’t care about anything” music. This album is an easy listen, with mostly relaxed songs that would likely be enjoyable to most people.