Credit or No Credit? Students Express Their Feelings


Times are changing, and so is grading as PUSD moves into credit/no credit grading because a home is not a consistent or ideal learning environment. 

With credit or no credit for classes, Titans are relieved that this type of grading is less stressful during these unprecedented times, but they worry about how it might affect them later. 

This grading helps to bring down the stress levels in students because with everything else that is happening, having regular grading would only add to the anxiety during quarantine. Students don’t have to worry about getting A’s or B’s, they just have to focus on understanding the material.

“I feel less pressure when I do assignments because I know that I’m going to get credit, so I don’t have to worry about how the assignment is going to affect my grade in the class,” junior Jack Vande Berg said.

However, some are worried that it will affect them for college applications. The grading does not boost nor bring down a student’s GPA, which could prevent a student from getting a higher grade point average. 

“It may be bad for students because they might need that extra boost for their GPA that they can’t get if grades are credit/no credit. It’s also unfortunate that students won’t get to show how well they’re doing in their AP classes,” junior Jonathan Wilson said.

CSU’s and UC’s are taking their own approaches on how they are viewing grades during the pandemic. CSU is still resolving how they are going to view the fall 2021 applicants with the suspension of ACT/SAT exams. UC, on the other hand, is suspending the standardized test requirement and the letter grade requirement of A-G courses for fall 2021 admissions.

At first, Titans thought a break from regular grading was nice, but now they are understanding that it might affect how well they retain the information they are given and if they are going to be prepared for next year’s courses.

“It was nice at first with the break. But now that I’m not getting a proper education it might change how I do in my future classes,” freshman Elizabeth Wilson said.

It’s also tough for some students to stay motivated to do work without the regular grading style or classroom environment. Many Titans feel like there are things at home to get them off track from doing work, and that it is hard to stay focused.

“It’s challenging because I’m not as motivated to do school at home, and there’s a ton to distract me,” freshman Benicio Viramontes said.

Although this new grading is helping to reduce stress levels for students, they also feel that it is affecting their GPAs and even futures.