COVID-19 Effects the Movie Production World

Camryn Peterson, Editor

2020 was supposed to be one of the best years, instead we got fires, a war threat, and a global pandemic. COVID-19 shut down shops, businesses, and all the movie theaters. That is a problem because 2020 is supposed to be the year when women take over the screens, but all those movies people have been looking forward to have been postponed. 

Black Widow was one of the most looked forward to movies of 2020. The movie is supposed to take us through Natasha Romanoff’s past and how she came to be with S.H.I.E.L.D; however, due to the Coronavirus, it has been postponed from its May 1st, release date, which sent a wave of disappointment throughout every Marvel fan. 

“Black Widow was going to come out near my birthday, and I wanted to go see it with my girlfriend and family.” junior Sara Wilson said.

The announcement of the postponement of “Black Widow” adds to a wave of industry cancellations on all levels due to the spreading virus. Disney postponed the release date of Mulan, originally March 27, indefinitely, as well as Disney-owned 20th Century Studios’ New Mutants(April 3) and Searchlight’s new horror movie, Antlers(April 17). 

“I wanted to see Mulan becausethat was my favorite movie growing up!” says senior Annie Jose. 

The Disney+ new marvel shows such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Wanda Vision pushed back production. No new dates for any of these productions have been announced yet.

Other studios to pull major tentpole titles include Paramount Pictures with “A Quiet Place 2,” and its  romantic comedy “The Lovebirds,”. 

“My friends and I wanted to go see A Quiet Place 2 when it came out. It’s one of our group’s favorite horror movies,” sophomore Lexi Burg said.

Universal Studios is also pushing the ninth “Fast and Furious” film off its May release date and rescheduling it for almost a year later. “F9” was set to open May 22, but will now open April 2 in 2021. Also, Lin Manuel-Miranda’s new masterpiece “In the Heights” was supposed to come out in June 2020 but has been pushed back a year to now release on June 18, 2021.  

Luckily some movies like Emma, and Disney’s Onward have come out early on streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Stay indoors and wash your hands so fans across the globe can see these movies that everyone has been waiting for.

Camryn Peterson