Remaining in School Through Distance, Good or Bad?


Robert Houshan, Staff Writer

Schools out!? Nope, think again. Though the traditional way of in-person learning  students are accustomed to is temporarily terminated, escaping the endless pile of  work teachers assign is not happening.

What is one general opinion that Gant’s quote supports? Sophomore Abby Gant who shares her positive outlook on this idea. “Distance learning is really different. I think it takes a while getting used to, but once people get into it it’s nice! You are able to work at your own pace and focus on the stuff you want to, but nothing beats seeing my friends every day,” Gant said.

What is another viewpoint that Lara’s quote supports? Sophomore Kiannah Lara shares a more negative perspective towards the system. “Distance learning doesn’t give students motivation to do their work. Although it still allows students to learn through videos and conferences, it’s not the hands-on experience students need,” Lara said.

What is a third point that Chinn’s quote supports? Junior Konor Chinn gives positive feedback about distance learning. “At timesI’m confused about my workload, but it’s really helping me with my time management. I can still fit in daily exercise and play video games, and when I don’t have any Zooms in the morning I sleep in,” Chinn said.

What is a fourth point that Smith’s quote supports? Lastly Teacher Marion von-Ehrenstein-Smith shares her negative thoughts on the recent changes. “I’m very connected to my student teacher so i like the in person interactions much more. Since the in class experience helps a lot and it’s frustrating but we can’t do anything about it because it’s life,”Smith said.

These are only a few opinions of the many students in Poway High School and they have come to share the pros and cons of the current epidemic and misfortune or fortune coming from the recent changes to the Norms of life.