The food court at Costco stores nationwide will now require membership cards to purchase food. Only members will be able to order the endless variety of meals, and titan diets are taking a hit.

This rule will be effective on March 16.Students and adults that do not have an active Costco card will no longer be able to enjoy delicious meals with their friends on the weekends, including the Poway fan favorite Costco pizza.

High school students will not be able to take a quick trip and get their favorite foods, such as swirled ice cream hot dogs, churros, smoothies, etc.,  during lunch, if they do not obtain a membership card. Teenagers will need to purchase their own Costco card, ranging from about $60 to $120.

“I think that by selling food to only members is not a good idea, Costco will lose lots of money from it and many people that do not own a membership card cannot purchase the food they love and be satisfied,” freshman Mia Molleman said.

Although some people may find this rule to be unfair, others may see it as a brilliant idea to earn even more money from the Costco perspective. 

“If people are really willing to purchase food, they may spend more money to purchase a card, then get their food and spend even more,” sophomore Kaitlyn Gilbride said.