The rules for the student section are too strict and I think it should be a little more lenient about what students can say and do. There are obvious rules like no fighting and no swearing but I think we should be able to talk a little smack to the other team as long as the words are not hurtful and are not personal.

Part of the game is to get into the heads of your opponent, and the whole point of home court advantage is having the crowd on your side as well as trying to get the opponents to not play as they normally do. An example is, counselors intervene with the student section for almost starting a fight when all that was happening was students talking to a player and nothing really happened.

Most other schools have a little more leeway than our school when it comes to the rules of the student section. I think the counselors should understand the situation a little better before they intervene with the student section. 

I understand their view on stopping the student section because they do not want to have anything get out of hand, but it is a little inconsistent at times. There are times that the counselors should intervene yet they do not but when there is no reason for them to intervene, they do. 

The rules should be a little less strict or they should have more consistency. There should be a change to the rules to the student section and some students should be able to put their input on it.