John Kersey, Staff Writer

Microwaves might be a useful everyday item, but sometimes, and in certain situations like school, they might not be the best idea.

Microwaves can be good and efficient when used correctly like when cooking ramen, popcorn or heating things up. But there are many things that can go wrong and it can happen fast.

At any time someone could  things might be put in it that should not be there, like tin foil, metal or things that could blow it up and possibly be a fire hazard.Things like ice and water that might get inside and break it. Or even things as simple as doing it on purpose by tearing the wires or just hitting and throwing it.

Microwaves also cost a lot of money and can be super costly especially if there was a need for every class to have a 70$ microwave just for students that want to make a meal.

         So if microwaves were put it there is a chance that it works out completely and everyone is happy and can eat whatever foods the want to be heated up or made. But the chances of it being a perfect success are very unlikely.

         There is even been microwaves in our school that have blown up or broken, causing unwanted fire drills etc. So would microwaves be the best investment? I don’t think so.

But I feel like there could be rooms with available microwaves for anyone to use under supervision. Or maybe if there were microwaves in the cafeteria for students to use if they wanted to heat their food up.